Who is Aam Aadmi

05 Apr

Common man and women are anyone and everyone around us who are living honest lives in our country, following laws of our country and have expectations from our governments. These people often do not entirely know the facts of the government and its capabilities. They were expecting from all the promises that the MPs, MLAs and all other elected members made and rarely fulfilled. They are now angered, with a very good understanding of what power a citizen has in this country, they have challenged the system forced upon them for the benefit of the few. They are taking control in their own hands. Aam Aadmi Party is just few of those common people who will change our country into a better and safer one for all of us.

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What is anarchy?

14 Mar

It wasn’t anarchy then when people were burnt alive with the free supply of petrol.

It wasn’t anarchy then when revenge towards the attire was the slogan of the government.

It isn’t anarchy today when they kill themselves cause they can’t pay their loans back or fail to feed their loved ones.

It isn’t anarchy today to rank as the top capital for a worst list.

Anarchy is only when you protest against all of these while they still happen near you and the government determined inaction.

For just a moment, think!

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Dear Metropolitan Friends

13 Mar

Dear Metropolitan Friends,

I understand the reason on why you wish for Modi’s style of good governance. Your objective is to earn and live a very comfortable lifestyle, be able to easily grow your business and have more frequent holidays in the western world. That’s alright.

What you may not understand is that Aam Aadmi Party’s is promising you that same holiday experience in your own city, by implementing Swaraj, self rule.

If you wish for an elevated walkway, a 24 hours pub, cheap parking near the malls, very good traffic condition between your home and office, flawless power lines, clean and wide footpaths, bright street lights, and extremely safe jogger friendly streets all through the day and all through the night.

All this has to be your and your neighbors decision. Not in the assembly, or in the parliament. All that is just as much possible if you believe.

The journey to fetch fresh water for a resident of the Dharavi slum; Photo: Meena Kadri/flickr:meanestindian

That is Swaraj. AAP does not want to come to power to become powerful but to make all of its citizens equally powerful.

By Swaraj, not just your own lives will change, but more importantly, the lives of the 80% of our citizens (which we never see) will also change. Believe it or not, outside our shining metro cities, our fellow citizens have been living under a dictatorship governments. Their stories are absolutely never reported to us. Is it fair to dictate them where they live, what food they eat, what schools they go or if they don’t go at all, whether their nearest hospital is 5km away or 50 km from their homes? The luxury metropolitan life we all live in, hides us that most of our fellow citizens have questions none of us wants to talk about. Is being Indian, means being selfish to this extend? All the governments (and media) do is show us metropolitan citizens that everything around us is very good and comfortable. And then we just believe everything. So our democracy is practiced by controlling the lives of 80% of our fellow citizens who we never see and controlling the minds of the rest 20% of us who live a comfortable and careless life. This is not democracy.

That is why AAP aims to change the system we are made to like or think. We change it into a way we can express ourselves, make our own choices, live healthy, peacefully and happily with everyone of our citizens. That is the only single objective of Aam Aadmi Party.

Please make a wise choice this time.

Thank you.

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What is the funniest translation you have ever heard or read?

09 Jan

Answer by Dori Dayan:

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So whats wrong with India today?

23 Dec

Well, as per all the television and print media, the most important and serious thing to worry about India today is this party of monsoon pests, which for no real reason or objective is playing with the desires of the people.
It also has been caught in the sting doing illegal activities. Its funding was also thought to be illegally using foreign means. The inexperience to be responsible and run a government, this funny party is befriending its enemy.

So its no wonder, that everything wrong in the country, in the politics, in Delhi and its volunteers is one n00b called Aam Admi Party – Common Man’s Party. From many, many, many, many corners of India, one can find that they all have one single enemy now and they all have united towards this new political party.

Only this political party has no experience, not real service motives, made false promises, took wrong funding, only interested in power and is a B team of everyone.

Are the voters of this country that stupid?

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the theory of egypt problems

22 Aug

So after Hosini Mubarak, people just ignored the candidates and selected the Muslim Brotherhood. The army was silent. Then after 2 years, people realised Muslim Brotherhood was changing everything for making Egypt into a muslim dictatorship. So people planned to kick Mohamed Morsi out too. The army which is ally of Muslim Brotherhood, this time wanted to make sure people realize that every alternate government is worse. So to make things more fearful, army themselves fired the president and started killing people and making fear. So when people realise Morsi was still better, they would come back to him and this time, would not protest against making egypt a private property of the government.


symfony2 and yii migration timestamps

06 Aug

Symfony 2 Doctrine Migration timestamp is using local time. which means a mess if you develop one migration in asia and create another during deployment in americas. the whole order of migrations will mess up due to time zone differences.

The issue is already fixed in Yii which uses UTC for its timestamps, so be anywhere and the migration will run in the same order they were created, regardless of timezones.

Score: Symfony2 0, Yii 1

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Reasons why Jailed devices are getting more common

14 Jul

When I first bought iPad, for first few week, I missed having a sd cart slot or even a usb master port. These ports could so easily make iPad work even better and more useful than it is now. Im a techie, I think that way. Now I realize that this attitude of Apple was probably the most important reason for iPad’s popularity.

I have one example from the history. Its called Microsoft Internet Explorer. Im sure, this example can used in so many more project failure reports. It was 1996 when Microsoft decided to include VBScript as a scripting language into its browser to compete with Javascript.
The intention was simple. M$ saw the reasons why
# Javascript cannot be used for enterprise application,
# The stupid sandbox that Javascript comes in which does not support so many system calls,
# The reason it cannot allow users to extend the functionality of javascript since the makers of javascript don’t have a close access operating system. So they made VBSCript with very close capability to Visual Basic. They gave it access to the windows operating system, its system calls, they allow the script to do so many more things that a browser otherwise could not do. The believed, this language could beat all competition and rule alone. They also did not put the script in a sandbox like Javascript was.

The language started to grow. To make sure Microsoft had the devotion of the enterprise application, its maximum revenue generator, they had to make sure developers found VBScript more easy to use than competition. This plan was running successfully for early years. By making sure developers used VBScript, they would also be indirectly be tied to Internet Explorer only. And by that, also indirectly tied to Microsoft Windows.

Then the problem started to come up. What happened was that with OS calls in VBScript, the abusers had a party. They could access operating system and files of users where you opened the web page. (E.g. The enterprise applications hosted on the internet, used within the company started to break down. Security was almost missing and no guard to protect from what actions VBScript could do. By that time, too many enterprise softwares had already been made on VBScript. They already had heavy OS calls within their VBScript code. There was no way back. The real revenue generator for Microsoft was angry. And Microsoft had to support every complaint, it had no choice.

So it started creating some sandbox around VBScript so as to protect the web users computer from the webpage. In the early measures, it did not do enough and exploits kept coming from different directions. It could also no fix the issue completely cause enterprise applications were already programmed using the API which had to be disabled. Microsoft struggled in creating wrappers, creating signed scripts, creating safe levels in Internet Explorer. It would release a new Windows with a fix but still be expected to keep the enterprise happy for compatibility.

Even today, Microsoft struggles with this and many such issues. The reason it cannot make a rewrite of Windows is that the legacy code always needs to run in the same way. And so windows stability will always be a running problem for Microsoft.

This and many other cases in the industry has taught the new players like Apple, Google of what are the mistakes of giving too the customer. Customers don’t understand the technical reasons for unstable product. The only prevention is to keep everything in a very strong sandbox so that it cannot be misused by abusers. Apple iOS is also an operating system. Like every young operating system, it is bound to have leaks in code, which can be exploited and later destroy the product value. But what can be done to prevent all this is not to give the user full access to his own device. By that, Apple will have total control of the device at all times and so there will not be enough room for exploits to spread like a virus as rapidly as in the case of open operating systems.

So back to the original problem, SD card port or a USB port would allow the people can download and even upload all sort of media and even executable applications in the device. That would make the operating system open the leaks and the exploiters would use the leaks to abuse the device. By keeping the product locked, the leaks too stay locked (to some extent) and the product popularity continues to grow. For the little sacrifice the user had to face in usability and openness, the product appears to be very stable. Techies like me know, the OS may still have very strong stability issues but just because Apple makes sure only products that don’t shake the system a lot are allowed in the market for distribution.

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What are the common myths about Arvind Kejriwal?

01 May

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Day 3, 250km from Narsignpur via Seoni to Nagpur by NH26 and NH7

24 Apr

Started after breakfast at 12.30 noon after finishing some office Skype calls and some commits. Joined back to NH26 that was going via Seoni to Nagpur. Another route which is NH26B was not recommended by people there. Early the stretch is good till we reach the reserve forest area and Ghats. The road changes from NH26 to NH7 and then to single lane all along the poonch forest tiger reserve area. The traffic is not heavy but the road is bad so average speed drops to ~30kmph all through. There are 2 tolls at ~Rs.60.

There are no fuel stations even here until a city is reached at the other side of the forest. There are some dhabas inside the forest and also at the other corner. The RTO had a major checking at the forest exit which has caused a traffic jam. The first is not dense, just bushes and trees but mostly dry. There were no spotting of anything along the route. The ghat route before the forest had slowed down the car to the speed limit of 50. There we few very long zig zag turns along that section and speed should be dropped in that section. The ghats still had very good condition 4 lane roads. Only the forest area has single lane no divider road.

Strangely, both Airtel and Vodafone are giving a fair EDGE network in the forest area for the most part through for some distance there is no network at all.

We reached Nagpur at about 8pm.